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Vitog is a creature from the Spiritland tribe.


Rarity - Ultra Rare

Type - Spiritland Conqueror

Courage - 65

Power - 70

Wisdom - 25

Speed - 50

Mugic counters - 2

Elements - Fire, air

Energy - 90

Special Abilities - Recklessness: 20 Only attacks used by Spiritland tribe creatures may deal damage to Vitog. If he is equipped with the Staff of Ar'khan he loses all Recklessness, is treated as an Underworlder, and may be attacked by creatures of any tribe. He then may use only Underworld and Generic Mugic. He does not regain all his energy after a battle is over unless he is equipped with the Staff of Ar'khan.


Vitog induses fear into all creatures, except for Tangath Toborn.