Mac as Nunk'worn. Gabe as Drazz.


Mac flies high above Gabe, who does not notice him at all. He smiles and shoots a Rip Tide at Drazz, knocking him into a tree. Drazz jumps up with a Meditative Leap and knocks Nunk'worn through trees and bushes all the way to the ground. But Drazz then got traped in a Flood Force. "Ha, try and get out of that!" said Nunk'worn. Drazz then breaks free with an Eidolon Advance, and the water slams into Nunk'worn. "Okay. I tried, and succeeded," said Drazz. But then, Nunk'worn uses a Liquescent Swirl, picking Drazz up with a tornado of water, knocking him through the tree's branches. A second later, the tornado dissapeared, drobing Drazz to the ground and coding him.