This is Gabe's first match in Chaotic and he is an Underworld fan. His codename is Gabemeister and he is battling macman10 in the Imthor Drome.

In the DromeEdit

"Hey Gabe, ready?" asked Mac as they aranged their battle teams. "Yep," Gabe said, locking his deck.

Geabe's Team:

Rothar, Forceful Negotiator - Orchis Undin

Mac's Team:

Frafdo - Mugicians Lyre

"Since this is your first match, Gabemeister, you may attack first. Spin the location randomizer," said the system. The location is: Cordac Falls. Let the battle begin."


Rothar was standing on the face of Cordac and was looking for Frafdo. Then, he heard a mugic and saw a tornado of fire, water, earth, and air coming down into the forest. Suddenly, Frafdo burst out of the forest and shot a freeze flash at him, freezing his feet to the ground. But Rothar breaks free with a consuming flame attack that knocks Frafdo to the ground. "Take that Frafdo," said Rothar. Frafdo knocks Rothar with an Obscuring Winds attack and soars into the sky. But Rothar uses an Acceleration attack and codes Frafdo.

Back in the DromeEdit

"The winner is, Gabemeister." Gabe started cheering and jumped into the air with his arms raised. "Good job for your first battle Gabe," said Mac.